The Green Urbanist

#31: Scott McAulay - Anthropocene Architecture School

October 04, 2021 Ross O'Ceallaigh
The Green Urbanist
#31: Scott McAulay - Anthropocene Architecture School
Show Notes

Scott is an activist, architectural designer, educator and writer. Disgruntled with the lack of focus on sustainability and climate change within architectural education, Scott began the Anthropocene Architecture School, which fuses architectural education, climate literacies and sustainable design - utilising activist media strategies and educational workshops to catalyse and support responses to the Climate and Ecological Emergency from within the construction industry.

Scott is someone who is dedicated to getting things done and making a difference. He is incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring.

In this episode we talk about:

  • His approach to education and why traditional architectural education is failing students
  • The importance of unlocking urbanist's imagination and agency to create a better future
  • The concepts of Regenerative Design and Degrowth and what that means for the built environment.

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